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Into the Woods

In order to have their coveted child, a simpleton baker and his resolute wife are sent into the woods with an impossible assignment. There they unintentionally turn out to be the pivot in the fairy tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Jack and the beanstalk. But are witches, wolves and giants actually the biggest threat to your happiness? And what is the price for the happily ever after that everyone hopes for?


World-famous and multi-award-winning musical composer Stephen Sondheim (including Sweeney Todd, West Side Story) created the hilarious and grim fairy tale musical for adults.

INTO THE WOODS, a modern parable about desire, betrayal and redemption between lovers, parents and children. After Broadway and the West End, the compelling and ear-pleasing hit musical Into The Woods toured the Dutch theaters in 2017. The roles were played by a top cast with Elise Schaap, Paul Groot, René van Kooten, Brigitte Heitzer, Esther Maas, Wart Kamps, Lone van Roosendaal, Jeremy Baker, Laus Steenbeeke, Guido Spek, Esther Floor, Mirjam De Rooij and Roosmarijn van Bohemen.

This fairy tale musical for adults was musically accompanied by a grand fifteen-piece orchestra conducted by Jeroen Sleyfer. Gijs de Lange signed on for the direction and Jeremy Baker for the translation.

Into the Woods received no less than 6 Musical Awards nominations

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"Musical Into the Woods requires a high degree of perfection. This has been achieved in the production of singers Esther Maas."
NRC - ****
"Nothing is what it seems in Into the Woods and that alone makes this musical  refreshing and daring."
AD - ****
"A top cast, the beautiful music of Sondheim, and a story full of humour: Into the Woods is enjoying high-quality music theatre. Esther Maas wanted to pay tribute to Sondheim's music with PIT productions, and the orchestra led by Jeroen Sleyfer exists from no less than fifteen musicians, which provides an extra dimension, also because the music company is prominently present on stage. Sondheim's brilliant music comes into its own even more."
SCENES - ****
"Stephen Sondheim then provided this parable with beautiful compositions and lyrics. His work is the great force behind this fairy tale for adults and then very expensive decors turn out to be completely unnecessary to actually bring that imaginative world to life. They have understood that well at PIT productions. The imagination is given plenty of room here.."
De Telegraaf - ****
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