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Esther Maas

Singer, singing teacher, actress, artistic director and producer PIT Productions


Singer & Actress

As an all-round performer, Esther has performed in operas, musicals and (music) theater performances.



Esther Maas is the founder of and artistic director of PIT Productions. Well-known productions are Into the Woods and Putting it Together.


Teacher & Coach

Over the years, both experienced singers/actors and young talent have managed to find Esther.

About Esther


In the theatre, Esther has appeared in operas, musicals and music theater performances, including Putting it Together, which she produced herself.


Since 2021, Esther has focused on producing musical theater performances. To this end, she founded theater production house PIT Productions.


For decades, Esther has been a much sought-after singing teacher in all disciplines and, in addition to her many private lessons for professionals from all disciplines, also taught at the Toneel Academie Maastricht and Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatory).



"Esther Maas and Brigitte Heitzer can handle Sondheim and that means you have to be a vocal triathlete, performing the swimming, running and cycling simultaneously."

Patrick van den Hanenberg


"It is no sinecure to perform the musically and lyrically ingenious and often complex songs of this American master composer and lyricist, but Esther Maas does this with verve. She has a very good singing voice and crystal clear diction, which makes songs such as But I'm not getting married today and How it was true highlights in the performance. She plays the role of the well-to-do but unhappy in her relationship Amy beautifully, while she manages to hide the obvious frustration with a smile. In her playing and in her singing she shows beautiful subcutaneous despair and villainy and sometimes an explosion. She does it all with a great sense of timing and with an allure and grandeur that is reminiscent of Jasperina de Jong, Conny Stuart or Gerrie van der Klei."

Jury Rapport

Musical Awards

"As Amy, Esther Maas has everything to sing the complicated Sondheim notes to perfection."

Leon Vosters 

Duits vakblad Musical

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